Green Hydrogen for Cars

Enhancing the driving experience with Green Hydrogen for cars

We manufacture and supply on-site hydrogen generation systems using our groundbreaking PEM electrolyser technology to produce green hydrogen for refuelling Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs). 

The hydrogen created is not only the cleanest fuel on the market, but it also makes for an exceptional driving experience.

Our hydrogen refuelling stations are designed to make green hydrogen accessible and enable it to be harnessed properly.

The refuelling process is very simple and similar to refuelling a car with petrol or diesel today, taking around 3 minutes to refill the tank. A typical FCEV only requires 40% of the energy to travel the same distance as a modern petrol car, so its fuel consumption is much less. 

Also, the required battery capacity is only a few percent of that of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), so the FCEVs makes much better use of the Earth’s finite material resources.


How It Works

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