Decarbonising Heat

Green Hydrogen for decarbonising heat

Blending green hydrogen into the normal natural gas supply could help to significantly decarbonise the heating of homes.

Providing heat and cooling to homes and businesses makes up a quarter of the UKs greenhouse emissions and 51% of all energy used in Europe.

This huge energy demand is usually met by using natural gas, instead of utilising low carbon solutions, such as green hydrogen. 

Green hydrogen can be blended with natural gas via the ‘power-to-gas’ approach to decarbonise the gas we use for heating and cooling. By doing this, the sector would use less natural gas and be able to reduce atmospheric emissions, which is essential for tackling climate change. 

Admixtures of up to 20% hydrogen in natural gas are currently being trialed in UK and France and the operation of existing gas appliances on such blends does not require new appliances. In addition, the electrolysers in power-to-gas systems can provide grid services to the electricity system operator to assist with the greater integration of renewables in the power grid.


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