Back-up Power

Green Hydrogen for backup power

In off-grid or emergency situations where electricity supply isn’t available, stored Green Hydrogen produced by our PEM electrolysers can provide a reliable and immediate solution.

There are several off-grid work situations that require electricity and sometimes situations arise, such as natural disasters, when the grid electricity supply fails. In some cases this can be catastrophic and back-up power has become a necessity of emergency planning.

Today, we rely heavily on an electricity supply to power many applications, including very important transport and emergency systems. 

Back-up power can be provided at a range of scales, but conventional solutions cause substantial atmospheric emissions (eg. diesel generators). Green hydrogen can be used with fuel cells to provide a zero-emission electricity source which can start up within seconds and has the added benefit of being silent. In addition, off-grid electrolysers are under development to absorb the variable and intermittent outputs of solar and wind power sources.


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