World-class turn-key electrolysers from 600 kW to 100 MW

ITM Power recognises that one size of product does not fit all applications. Our highly qualified team is able to bring together a package to meet your needs

Whatever your green hydrogen needs, our experts are able to create the correct tailored solution for you.

Our electrolysers are powered by renewable energy and use our market-leading PEM technology which creates the purest green hydrogen on the market. 

We believe this is the best way to help the world decarbonise and achieve net-zero.

Our Electrolysers


Our smallest containerised PEM electrolyser system


Our medium sized containerised PEM electrolyser system.


Modular system for large hydrogen production

ITM Power’s PEM tech

Provides leading performance longevity and self-pressurisation

Rapid Response

Providing reliable 24/7 after sales care and support

Full Integration

Integrated hydrogen energy solutions enhance the utilisation of renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted

Modular Structure

Our technology can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure

Dynamic Stack Clamping

Allows variable operation and rapid stack exchange in the field

Hydrogen Generated

Is a purity suitable for fuel cell electric vehicles

Flexible Control System

With remote control and condition monitoring features

Expert Team

From design, delivery and after sales support

Fully integrated, autonomous and CE marked

Which electrolyser is right for you?

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Where is the project located?
Where are you looking to harness the power of hydrogen?
Is there a secondary application?

Electrolysers from a brand you can trust

When you purchase a PEM electrolyser from ITM Power, you receive more than technology – you get excellent 24/7 after sales support and ongoing physical maintenance.

Why our PEM electrolysers are market-leading


We continue to deploy our technology and products across multiple markets and industries. See how we are helping the world decarbonise.



How It Works

The ITM Power Story:
A road to net-zero

Discover the role of the PEM Electrolyser in decarbonising transport and industry and reaching net-zero.