The market for green hydrogen is vast and diverse, and we haven’t even seen it’s full potential yet.

Whilst our products cover some key areas of decarbonisation, we are consistently innovating new technology which allows green hydrogen to be harnessed in an ever widening spectrum of industries.

ITM’s PEM tech

Provides leading performance longevity and self-pressurisation

Rapid Response

Providing reliable 24/7 after sales care and support

Modular Structure

Our technology can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure

Dynamic Stack Clamping

Allows variable operation and rapid stack exchange in the field.

Hydrogen Generated

Is a purity suitable for fuel cell electric vehicles.

Flexible Control System

With remote control and condition monitoring features.

Fully integrated, autonomous and CE marked

Are you looking to decarbonise your business and join the green hydrogen revolution?

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The ITM Story:
A road to net-zero

Discover the role of the PEM Electrolyser in decarbonising transport and industry and reaching net-zero.