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The ITM Power Story

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Our Journey

ITM Power’s vision is to help the world reach net-zero through the power of green hydrogen.

For the past twenty years, ITM Power PLC has been designing and manufacturing electrolyser systems that generate green hydrogen based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology. Our electrolysers require just renewable energy and water, with oxygen as the only by-product. As the first hydrogen related company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, it’s no exaggeration to say that we’re globally recognised experts in our field. 

In recent years, interest in green hydrogen has increased rapidly worldwide. To help meet demand and accelerate global progress towards net-zero, we have scaled up at speed. 

In 2021, we opened our Gigafactory at Bessemer Park, Sheffield, representing a step-change in our ambition and capacity as a business.


We also work strategically with partners – including Linde, Shell, Snam, Hyundai, and Honda, among others – to scale our impact, industrial reach, and market penetration. Key to our continued growth and success is our equity fundraising efforts.

We also actively participate in industry bodies that champion sustainable power and guide policy, as well as working with schools and universities to help inspire the next generation about green hydrogen.

Our Gigafactory could enable an additional

2 million

tonnes of CO2 to be saved every year

Our highlights throughout the past 20 years

World class excellence in product design and manufacturing

Leadership & Team

Meet the amazing people making the mission of ITM Power a reality.

Inspiring Futures

ITM Power is dedicated to the continued development of our team. From education development to community engagement, we provide a workplace that supports, nurtures, and engages.

PEM electrolysers from a brand you can trust.

ITM Power recognises that one size of product does not fit all applications. Our highly qualified team is able to bring together a package to meet your needs

After Sales Support

Customers can ensure best operational support with our excellent 24/7 after sales support.

Experts in Innovation

With a robust approach to research and development, ITM Power is always developing new technologies and pioneering solutions for the future.

Ongoing Maintenance

Alongside remote support, we offer physical maintenance, deploying skilled engineering resource.

Industry Leading

Our PEM electrolysers are market leading and will enjoy greater market penetration as the demand for green hydrogen grows.

ITM Power’s commitment to health and safety

ITM Power operates management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 2015 and OHSAS 18001 2007. Management of health and safety is led by the ITM Power PLC Board which monitors health and safety performance through the Board Health and Safety Committee. Separately, there is a monthly Health and Safety Committee including representatives from each function in ITM Power. This helps ensure reporting of concerns, which in turn assists the ‘lessons learnt’ process, and is a key indicator of improved safety culture. All employees are also encouraged to report instances where safety measures can be improved.


We continue to deploy our technology and products across multiple markets and industries. See how we are helping the world decarbonise.


Investor Relations

"To meet the fast-growing demand for Green Hydrogen, ITM Power is evolving from first-of-a-kind technology to becoming a highly efficient and reliable technology and manufacturing company.”

Dennis Schulz, CEO, ITM Power PLC

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The ITM Power Story:
A road to net-zero

Discover the role of the PEM Electrolyser in decarbonising transport and industry and reaching net-zero.