Green Hydrogen, produced by PEM electrolysers and powered by renewable energy is the only net-zero fuel source. 


Unlike other fuels, it doesn’t remove oxygen from the atmosphere – or add more water vapour to the atmosphere than it consumes during production – which helps retain the earth’s existing oxygen and water balance. 


What’s more, it has no negative impact on air quality.

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Green hydrogen is the only true net-zero energy carrier, making it one of the best solutions to tackle the carbon crisis and create a clean, green future.


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A road to net-zero

Discover the role of the PEM Electrolyser in decarbonising transport and industry and reaching net-zero.

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"To meet the fast-growing demand for Green Hydrogen, ITM is evolving from first-of-a-kind technology to becoming a highly efficient and reliable technology and manufacturing company.”

Dennis Schulz, CEO, ITM

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