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Launch of Hybrid Stack

08 11 23

ITM Power is pleased to announce the launch of its Hybrid Stack, which provides existing ITM customers, who operate earlier MEP generation products, the opportunity to benefit from a circa 10% efficiency improvement.... Read More

Entry into the US market

16 10 23

ITM Power announces that the company is commencing bidding into projects in the US market.... Read More

ITM Power announces strategic collaboration with FRIEM

15 08 23

ITM and FRIEM are collaborating on the joint development of a standard Power Supply Unit (PSU) design which is highly optimised for ITM's 2MW Plug & Play electrolysis container.... Read More

ITM Power announces roadmap for strategic collaboration with Gore

26 07 23

ITM and W. L. Gore & Associates intend to collaborate to further deepen their understanding of proton exchange membrane water electrolysis (“PEMWE”) performance over lifetime, durability mechanisms and reliability. ... Read More

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