Green Hydrogen for Methanation

Protecting finite natural gas stores with green hydrogen

Through the methanation process, green hydrogen generated by our PEM electrolysers can aid in the development of synthetic natural gas for usage in both industry and the home.

Methane (or ‘synthetic natural gas’) can be produced via the methanation of electrolytic hydrogen with carbon dioxide.

Synthetic natural gas (SNG) is compatible with the natural gas grid and all existing gas burning devices used in industry and the home. SNG is produced via the methanation of green hydrogen and green CO2, sourced from the anaerobic digestion of biomass or by direct air capture. 

For example, the CO2 in biogas at bio-methane injection sites in the gas grid can be used in conjunction with green hydrogen to produce SNG and so augment the amount of green methane injected. 

There are two methods of methanation, biological and chemical, which can be deployed at various scales to feed gas networks with SNG and so displace the use of natural gas.


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