Green Hydrogen for Buses

Keeping buses in operation with 10 minute refuelling times

The hydrogen produced by our PEM electrolysers allows Fuel Cell Electric Buses (FCEBs) to be refuelled as quickly as conventional diesel buses. 

A zero emissions solution, without compromising valuable infrastructure, makes our hydrogen a perfect solution for cities.

Decarbonising the production of hydrogen, enabling a green transport fuel for buses.

Green hydrogen is a perfect fuel for Fuel Cell Electric Buses (FCEBs) as it offers a ten-minute refuel time, enabling the bus to be back in operation as quickly as a conventional bus. Unlike buses powered by batteries, which add substantial weight to the vehicle, a FCEB stores energy compactly enabling it to cover a similar distance to a conventional bus – yet the only tailpipe emission is water. 

Buses are usually refuelled at depots or bus stations and so return-to-depot refuelling of FCEBs can be achieved by locating suitable hydrogen refuelling stations at bus depots. This approach can easily be replicated in towns and cities across the country to eradicate emissions from bus transport.


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