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The role of the PEM electrolyser in decarbonising industry and reaching net-zero

We manufacture market-leading electrolysers which help mobility, industrial chemistry and Power-to-Gas industries decarbonise by harnessing the Power of Green Hydrogen.

The race to net-zero is on, with Green Hydrogen playing a leading role

If the world is to achieve carbon neutrality, it must undergo a radical transformation. 

PEM electrolysers enable the storage of excess energy that would typically be sold off to the market at a financial loss—or not harnessed at all—and instead store that energy to sell into a new green hydrogen market. They can also be used to decarbonise multiple sectors including zero-emission transportation, industrial processes, and the green chemicals sector.

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We continue to deploy our technology and products across multiple markets and industries. See how we are helping the world decarbonise.



How It Works

The ITM Power Story:
A road to net-zero

Discover the role of the PEM Electrolyser in decarbonising transport and industry and reaching net-zero.