Reducing water consumption with green hydrogen

14 11 22

A look at how electrolysis used to create green hydrogen can have a positive impact on water consumption. ... Read More

When does hydrogen fiction become hydrogen fact?

30 08 22

There’s a saying that goes magic is just science we don’t understand yet. Extending that adage, sci-fi is simply science that hasn’t been proven yet. ... Read More

How the Hindenburg haunted hydrogen (And why it needs laying to rest)

01 08 22

Way back in 1937, the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg was destroyed in a fiery spectacle. Flash forward 85 years, and a few folks insist on dragging us into comment threads about the doomed airship. Apparently, the disaster is ample evidence to not be pursuing a hydrogen economy. ... Read More

Electrify absolutely everything ever… Until you can’t

01 07 22

There’s a bizarre chain of thought in the renewables industry that there can only be one dominant technology. But this isn’t Highlander, and this certainly isn’t a one-energy-to-rule-them-all kind of a deal. This is literally life or death stuff.... Read More

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