ITM Power Expands in Germany

10 July 2023

The all-new ITM Power Germany GmbH will officially open its doors in Linden, north of Frankfurt, in October this year.

The all-new ITM Power Germany GmbH will officially open its doors in Linden, north of Frankfurt, in October this year. For ITM, this expansion further strengthens our position as a leading manufacturer of large-scale electrolysers for active projects in Germany and wider Europe today, as well as for future projects which are now in bidding stage.

In its initial fit-out, ITM Power Germany’s new facilities will have office space for more than 50 employees, and a warehouse with special equipment for storing our state-of-the-art stacks in lightweight skids ready for quick deployment as aftersales spares. This allows us to minimise response time to customers, in turn maximising value from the use of our products. It will also house facilities for repair and maintenance, as well as for training of customers and partners. 

As ITM is increasingly deploying stacks into the field in active customer projects, a rapidly growing amount of real-world performance data will enable us to drive advancements in the areas of core technology and product improvements, development of new business models around remote monitoring/operations and predictive maintenance, as well as commercial certainty around tightened system performance guarantees. These activities will be led by our new global Data and Industrial IoT team which will be based in Linden.

ITM Power Germany will also be home of ITM’s global business development function, of various engineering disciplines, aftersales technicians, field engineers, procurement and other functions.

Dennis Schulz, CEO, said: “This expansion in Germany will not only support responsive aftersales in the heart of the EU as our core market today, but will also be home for various business functions that are enablers for ITM’s accelerated growth. As we are scaling our operations, this is a major step in gearing up for an increasing degree of local content creation in the EU.”

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