ITM Power announces strategic collaboration with FRIEM

15 August 2023

ITM and FRIEM are collaborating on the joint development of a standard Power Supply Unit (PSU) design which is highly optimised for ITM's 2MW Plug & Play electrolysis container.

Based on state-of-the-art electrotechnical solutions, the development will leverage each company’s expertise and experience from projects executed both jointly and independently. The aim is to further improve the performance of the PSU by closer integration with ITM’s electrolyser technology. Also, the standardisation aims to further drive overall system reliability, while lowering cost.

ITM is a leader in the design and manufacture of electrolysis solutions based on proton exchange membrane technology. Electrolysis requires electrical energy for the process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Power conversion is therefore a key function of electrolysis systems, and it is necessary to ensure a high level of integration.

FRIEM is a leader in electric energy conversion systems with 70 years of experience as a supplier into industrial applications. The PSU converts AC power supplied from either the electricity grid or directly from renewable generators to DC power in a form suitable for the electrolysis process.  The characteristics of the PSU therefore contribute to the performance of the overall system. 

Dennis Schulz, CEO ITM Power, said: “Today’s announcement with FRIEM follows the communication of our collaborations with Mott and Gore, all of which support ITM to cement our technology leadership in PEM electrolysis. A closer integration of electrolyser and PSU will further advance overall system performance and drive down cost.”

Lorenzo Carnelli, CEO FRIEM, said: “Based on our huge experience in PSUs for industrial electrolysis, we provide the optimised solution according to ITM specific requirements, never compromising on safety and reliability. This important collaboration with ITM, leader in PEM technology, strengthens FRIEM’s leading position in green hydrogen in Europe and worldwide.”

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About ITM Power PLC: 

ITM Power was founded in 2000 and ITM Power PLC was admitted to the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in 2004. Headquartered in Sheffield, England, ITM Power designs and manufactures electrolysers based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology to produce green hydrogen, the only net zero energy gas, using renewable electricity and water.

About FRIEM:

FRIEM was founded in 1950 and today is among the top 4 players worldwide in high current rectifiers for industrial and green hydrogen applications. The company is managed by the third generation of shareholders with the support of the Fondo Italiano di Investimento, which in April 2022 invested in FRIEM through the Fondo Italiano Tecnologia e Crescita (FITEC), becoming a minor shareholder. FRIEM has a production capacity of 1.5 GW p.a. with plans to further expand it.

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