Our smallest containerised PEM electrolyser system

The HGAS1SP Plug & Play product includes a single ITM Power high-efficient PEM electrolyser stack alongside all the necessary sub-systems required to produce high-purity, self-pressurised green hydrogen gas.

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HGas1SP is ideal for lower green hydrogen requirements. Many HGas1SP units are already at work helping many industries and locations decarbonise already. Some of the industries HGas1SP’s are currently deployed:

Electrolysers from a brand you can trust

When you purchase a PEM electrolyser from ITM Power, you receive more than technology – you receive excellent 24/7 after sales support and congoing physical maintenance.

After Sales Support

Customers can ensure best operational support with our excellent 24/7 after sales support.


Hydrogen purity suitable for use in fuel cell vehicles

Ongoing Maintenance

Alongside remote support, we offer physical maintenance, deploying skilled engineering resource.


Hydrogen purity suitable for use in fuel cell vehicles


We continue to deploy our technology and products across multiple markets and industries. See how we are helping the world decarbonise.